Justin Bieber Is Sick And You Have To Take care Of Him.

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You have to take care of him while he is home because his moms gone and you love him and would risk anything.

You May Get

Thats good:)

Hey Justin is getting to know you better.

Well actualy He might think your stuburn.

outch try somthing a lil bit smoother.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Justins mom has to go to work. And you live 5 houses down. She call's and ask's you if you can take care of justin Cause hes sick. And you say yes and run to them.And his mother says You can go up stairs and wake him up if you want. Then you......
    • A. 

      Run up stairs say jb real loud scare the crap out of him.

    • B. 

      Go up stairs quietly and go in his room sit bye him.

  • 2. 
    Then he wakes up and you fell asleep. Then he picks you up and puts you in his bed and holds you. You wake up you suddenly....
    • A. 

      Say doosebag get off of me what a clutz.

    • B. 

      Pretend you are still asleep and your comftorble.

  • 3. 
    Then you wake up and hes Running a fever. He wakes up and talks to you while he stares in your beautiful eyes you.
    • A. 

      Splash him with cool water "that cool you down?

    • B. 

      Giggle then get some asprin.

    • C. 

      Stare with a blank look then faint and say aww poo.

  • 4. 
    Then he ask's yoou to take off his pants And underneath is his boxers you...
    • A. 

      Pull them off fast to get a light glimpse of a life time.

    • B. 

      Pull them off slowly making sure the boxers never move.

  • 5. 
    Then he feels better and you fall asleep.Then you find him on top of you.Riding you. And he is so cute you....
    • A. 

      Say" get off of m you perve

    • B. 

      Smile and injoy the plessure.

  • 6. 
    Then you kiss he asks you to be his girl you...
    • A. 

      Say step off im take jesse yuck!!!

    • B. 

      Keep kissing and then say id love to be your girlfriend


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