Is Your Personality Like Mine?

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| By Devotiongirlz
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Is Your Personality Like Mine? - Quiz

In this quiz, I will ask you questions about your personality. At the end, I will tell you if your personality is like mine.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Your sister slaps you in the face for trying on her new dress. What do you do?

    • A.

      Slap her right back!

    • B.

      Quickly walk off and cry somewhere.

  • 2. 

    Your at an Oriental restaurant. Your mom orders you Octopus dish. What do you do and say?

    • A.

      Say, "I can't eat that!" then push away the dish.

    • B.

      Say, "Maybe..." and try a tiny bite to find out it's good!

  • 3. 

    You're baby-sitting your little brother, and his ball get's stuck on the roof! What do you do and say?

    • A.

      Say "I will get it, Junior!" You climb up and think, 'This will prove to mom that ___________'

    • B.

      Go and get the ladder and say, "Don't worry little brother. Sissy is getting your ball."

  • 4. 

    Your mom buys you a pogo stick for your birthday! When your mom and dad go to the store, what do you say and think?

    • A.

      Hesitate to try it and think "I might fall and scratch myself. I will put it away."

    • B.

      Shrug shoulders and try it out.

  • 5. 

    Your dog nips you for trying to snatch it's bone. What do you do?

    • A.

      Yell at it, and kick it across the room.

    • B.

      Pick up a newspaper, and smack it! You didn't hit it TOO hard, though.

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