Imperatives Quiz

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Imperatives Quiz - Quiz

Use an imperative to change these sentences!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Achiles' soldiers must attack .
    • A. 

      Let's Achiles' attack

    • B. 

      Let achiles' soldiers attack

  • 2. 
    Nobody must leave. 
    • A. 

      Nobody leave

    • B. 

      Nobody leaves

  • 3. 
    Somebody should phone an ambulance.
    • A. 

      Somebody phone an ambulance

    • B. 

      Somebody phones an ambulance

  • 4. 
    Helen must come here.
    • A. 

      Let Helen come here

    • B. 

      I want her to come here

  • 5. 
    He should rest.
    • A. 

      Let he rest.

    • B. 

      Let him rest.

  • 6. 
    I'm very interested in this house, we should buy it.
    • A. 

      I want to buy this house

    • B. 

      Let's buy the house

  • 7. 
    He must not tell him about it.
    • A. 

      Don't let him know

    • B. 

      Don't let he know

  • 8. 
    We should solve this as soon as possible.
    • A. 

      Do let's solve this immediately

    • B. 

      Let solve this immediately

  • 9. 
    A doctor should see him.
    • A. 

      Let a doctor see him

    • B. 

      Let's a doctor see him

  • 10. 
    We should not stay here.
    • A. 

      Let's stay here

    • B. 

      Let's not stay here

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