How Flirty Are You

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| By Lollypop222
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How Flirty Are You - Quiz

This quiz is for girl only just to be safe lets see how flirty you are hahaha;)

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What type of boy would you prefer?

    • A.

      Tan skin blonde hair very athletic

    • B.

      Pale skin black curlly hair

    • C.

      Baby blue eyes blonde hair white skin

  • 2. 

    The cutest boy called (tom) asks you to sit with him at lunch of course you say yes but then an evan hotter boy called (tyler)says will u sit with me at lunch what do you do?

    • A.

      Go with tyler he way hotter just tell tom i cant

    • B.

      I really dont want to hurt toms fealings ill just say i cant

    • C.

      Tell them both i cant get them to drool over me

  • 3. 

    You see your all time crush in the super market what do u do?

    • A.

      Drop my stuff and hope for him to help me pick it all up

    • B.

      Let him walk past i dont want to annoy him

    • C.

      Flick my hair over my shoulder and call out___ how are you? and get in a big convo

  • 4. 

    Whats your age?

    • A.


    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    • E.


    • F.


  • 5. 

    What would you do if a guy said your hot

    • A.

      Say"ur not to bad ur self"and flick ur hair over your shoulder and smile

    • B.

      Say thank you

  • 6. 

    9020 what does this mean in flirt code

    • A.

      9 guys that are hot 0 time to waste 2 girls with 0 bra on

    • B.

      9 girls that are hot 0 time to waste 2 boys with 0 shirts on

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