Grammar--- Present And Past Participle Clauses

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Present Tense Quizzes & Trivia

Rewrite the following sentences with present or past participle clauses.

Questions and Answers
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    We looked inside the bag. We saw three big turtles.

    The given sentence is an example of a sentence transformation where the original sentence is rephrased using a participle phrase. Instead of starting the sentence with "We looked inside the bag," the sentence is transformed to start with "Looking inside the bag." This transformation creates a more concise and fluid sentence structure. The rest of the sentence remains the same, stating that "we saw three big turtles."

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    Timothy was shocked by the turtles so he screamed loudly.

    The correct answer is "Shocked by the turtles, Timothy screamed loudly." This sentence follows the correct structure of a complex sentence, where the dependent clause "Shocked by the turtles" is followed by the independent clause "Timothy screamed loudly." The dependent clause provides additional information about why Timothy screamed loudly.

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    The turtles crawled out because they saw that the bag was open.

    The given explanation correctly states that the turtles crawled out because they saw that the bag was open. The phrase "Seeing that the bag was open" indicates the reason for the turtles' action, and the following clause "the turtles crawled out" describes their response to the open bag. The use of the comma and the introductory phrase "Seeing that" helps to establish the cause-effect relationship between the turtles observing the open bag and their subsequent behavior.

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    Sherlock was alarmed by the turtles so he closed the bag quickly.

    This sentence is an example of a sentence inversion, where the adverbial phrase "alarmed by the turtles" is placed at the beginning of the sentence for emphasis. The subject "Sherlock" follows the verb "closed" and is separated by a comma. The action of closing the bag quickly is a result of Sherlock being alarmed by the turtles.

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    Timothy didn’t know what to do so he suggested leaving the bags on the beach.

    The given correct answer accurately rephrases the original sentence, maintaining the meaning and structure. It effectively conveys that Timothy's lack of knowledge about what to do led him to suggest leaving the bags on the beach.

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  • 6. 

    We left the bag behind and went back to the camp.

    The correct answer is "Leaving the bag behind, we went back to the camp." This sentence is a more concise and grammatically correct way of expressing the action of leaving the bag behind and going back to the camp. The phrase "Leaving the bag behind" acts as an introductory participial phrase, providing additional information about the action that took place. By placing it at the beginning of the sentence, it creates a smoother flow and emphasizes the action of leaving the bag.

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