Fortune Telling And Mind Reading

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| By Shazz4eva
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Fortune Telling And Mind Reading - Quiz

You might have seen my last quiz about fortune telliing and mind reading, and here is a nother one of those quizes. Also if you would like your FREE fortune told then please email me at marcofrezza13@yahoo. Com and I will reply with your free fortune as soon as possible. And if you think its so I can get your contact details well its not, anyway if I do keep emailing you (which I wont) you can always block me. So I will be on my email all of today tomorrow and friday.

Questions and Answers
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    Now all I want you to do is just answer the questions. Just say them outloud. Ok here we go: What is your name? How old are you? And for this question I want you to sayit as fast as you can, just the first one that comes into your mind.......think of a flower and say it outloud.this probably didnt work but if it did, well if any of these did then can you please post a comment on the comments section. Now type in the name of the flower that I tried to send to you.

  • 2. 

    Now for this one I'd like you to look at the picture for about 10 seconds. Yes you can blink Im not trying to hipnotise you. But make sure its only 10 seconds. Now when you are finished you need to type in the number 1,2 or 3. I was trying to send one of these to you and I want to know if you got it. so just type in which one your thinking this probably didnt work but if it did can you please post a comment in the comments section and tell me if you got the message or not. You can also tell me for all of these,whether you got the message or not.

  • 3. 

    Now what I want you to do is look at these letter for a moment. Now, which one has come into your mind?Q L N G S

    The question asks the reader to look at a set of letters and identify which one comes to their mind. The letters provided are Q, L, N, G, and S. However, the correct answer is g, G. This suggests that the reader's mind immediately associates the lowercase and uppercase letter "g" with the given set of letters.

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    Right now I am thinking of a boys name. One that isn't so very commen and can be spelt both ways. Now I will try to send it to you......what is it?remember if any of the questions  worked for you can you please post a comment in the comments section and tell me what you think?

    The correct answer is "Bob, bob" because the question asks for a boy's name that can be spelled both ways. "Bob" is a name that can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards, making it a palindrome.

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    Http:// Ok for this last question all I want you to do is watch the video and at the end just select yes or no (yes it worked for me, no it didnt work for me). Thankyou for watching

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