Fill In The Blank Dialogue.

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Fill In The Blank Dialogue. - Quiz

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Taeyeon   :  Hello. ____________________________ Yoona       :  Hi. My name is Yoona.

    The correct answer is "What is your name?" or "What's your name?". These are both common ways to ask someone for their name in English. In the given conversation, Taeyeon is initiating the conversation by greeting Yoona, and then asking for her name.

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    Hyoyeon    :   _______________________________ Sooyoung   :  I'm from Paris. And you? Hyoyeon    :  I'm from Russia.

    The correct answer is "Where do you come from?" and "Where are you from?" because both questions ask about the person's place of origin or nationality. They are interchangeable and can be used to inquire about someone's background.

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    Tiffany    :  This is my friend, Yuri. Sunny       :  Hi, Yuri. Nice to meet you. Yuri         :  Hello, Sunny. _________________________

    The correct answer is "Nice to meet you too" because it is a polite response to Sunny's greeting. It shows that Yuri is also pleased to meet Sunny.

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    James      :  Hello. What's your name? Harold     :  Hi. My name is Harold. And you? James      :  I'm James. Harold     :  I'm so sorry. __________________ James      :  I'm James Smith. Harold     :  How do you do? James      :  How do you do?

    Harold apologizes because he forgot James' name. The three suggested answers imply that Harold wants James to repeat his name because he didn't hear it or remember it.

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  • 5. 

    Fergy        :  Hi, Sandra. ____________________, Farah. Farah, this is my friend, Sandra. And Sandra this is Farah. Sandra      :  Hello, Farah. Glad to meet you. Farah        :  Hi, Farah. Glad to meet you too.

    Fergy introduces Sandra to Farah by saying, "Hi, Sandra. I would like you to meet my friend, Farah." This shows that Fergy wants Sandra and Farah to meet each other. Sandra responds by saying, "Hello, Farah. Glad to meet you." Farah then replies, "Hi, Farah. Glad to meet you too." This indicates that Sandra and Farah have successfully been introduced to each other.

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