Character Traits: "A Separate Peace"

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Character Traits: "A Separate Peace" - Quiz

Have you ever wondered what makes up a person’s personality and character? The traits, which are identifying characteristics, habit or trend, make up a personality. A person is said to honesty and truthful if he is not given swindling, lying or fraud. The character traits for a Separate Peace characters vary, see if you can identify one.

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    High academic achiever.hes nature is to follow the rules and conform to ecpectations. Although popular, he is often insecure about his own ability and intelligence. As a result of his insecurities, he sometimes projectes his own personality failings onto other characters.
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    He is a natural athlete. he is charismatic, and people follow him easily. Hes' good nature and generosity cause him to trust in the goodness of others. He often breaks rules, although not to spite authority or cause problems, it is simply from a sense of adventure. As a result even the schoolmasters like him.
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    He is introduced as the model of a boarding school student. He is dressed in preppy clothing, involved in clubs and organizations and popular. In finny's absence, he becomes the leader of the class. Later in the novel, we see him drop out of clubs and begin to resent the war, a subject that he was incredibly patriotic about at one time.
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    He is shy, nervous student who is picked on by most of thew students at the school. he loves nature and cross country skiing. after enlisting in the War effort, he becomes more assertive, but he has also gone insane.
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    One of the top academic students in the class. He plays tennis and trumpet well.
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    An ignorant know it all who becomes agressive when he does not understand something. He ends up getting in a fight with Gene after calling Gene maimed.
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    Brinker Hadley's roomate. He is scared of the world. When Brinker puts him in charge of guarding the hard cider, he is so nervous that something will go wrong that he must go back to his dorm room and recover from the stress once his duty is served. he didn't even get to enjoy the carnival.
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