AHS 202l Lab One Bones Of The Skull

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AHS 202l Lab One Bones Of The Skull - Quiz

Bones of the skull. The porcine skull from lab is in the pictures I left out the Parietal and Interparietal bones because I'm not exactly sure where they are on the porcine skull and I dont' want to mess any of you up. answer in ALL LOWERCASE please :)

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    lab worksheet doesn't specify if we mention right or left
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    the lab worksheet doesn't  specify if we list right or left
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    Hint: What part of the jaw is this. (dont forget the side as well)
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    Hint: What part of the jaw is this? (dont forget the side as well)
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    Hint: This structure is named after one of  it's connecting bones. (dont forget to specify which side)
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    Hint: not the bone..
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    Hint: same name as the bone and the crest.  also mention the side its on.
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      The lab paper doesn't mention right or left so I'm unsure if she wants us to do that for this specific bone...
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    Hint: specify which side
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    Hint: both of these are the same bone. the worksheet does not specify a side so don't worry about it here
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    Hint: this is where the bones articulate
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    Hint: remember to specify which side
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