Year 9 German - Modal Verbs - Quiz
15 Questions

The three modal verbs that you will need to use in this quiz are:


Pay close attention to the umlauts in this quiz. If you tick an answer with an umlaut when the answer has no umlaut (or vice versa), the answer will be wrong. You must also remember to use umlauts WHEN NECESSARY in the questions where you have to type a word. If you cannot type this on your device, copy and paste it from the question OR write an e after the letter that would normally have an umlaut. This will be marked correct.

e.g. möchte = moechte 

Caution: Sometimes I have provided an umlaut for you to copy and paste, even if it is not needed. You must judge whether it is needed or not.

You cannot return to earlier questions in this quiz, so take care with your answers and don't rush your work.

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