Orphaned Kitten Care - How to Videos
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Maddies’s InstituteSM created six short “how to” videos that provide essential care instructions for orphaned kittens. Whether you are a seasoned foster parent or just getting started saving these orphaned baby lives, these videos will guide you through the basics. Take the quiz below once you have viewed the complete set of “how to” presentations regarding orphaned kitten care.
Videos include:

1.     Examining an Orphaned Kitten (5:05)
2.     Bottle Feeding an Orphaned Kitten (6:54)
3.     Stimulating an Orphaned Kitten to Urinate and Defecate (2:40)
4.     Bathing an Orphaned Kitten (3:09)
5.     Weaning Orphaned Kittens onto Solid Foods (2:58)
6.     Giving Orphaned Kittens Probiotics (2:11)   

Date:  April 2013

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