Online assessment software makes it easy to create and share quizzes

What is online assessment software?

Online assessment software helps teachers and trainers to create online tests and quizzes easily. Using the software, businesses can create tests to screen potential hires or assess skills of existing employees. Likewise, teachers can create online tests, on any topic, and assign it to students. Additionally, the software also helps instructors to view test reports, manage learners via online classrooms, award certificates to learners and do much more.

What’s in it for businesses?

Online assessments help businesses to screen potential candidates for a job and assess the skills of existing employees. Trainers can ensure all employees are up-to-date on industry working standards with tests such as an OSHA compliance test, sexual harassment test and many more. Likewise, HRs can create pre-employment assessments to test the skills of potential candidates on a range of subjects such as MS Office suite, IT, language, healthcare and more.

Examples of online assessment software:

What’s in it for teachers?

Teachers can easily test their students on any topic by using online assessments. They can create timed online assessments or support their daily classes with online practice tests, which students can take during class hours or even from their homes. The online tests are automatically graded and completely paperless saving teachers hours of time and effort.


Popular Skill Assessment Tests

How to create an employee skill assessment test?

Match the test to positions -  Keep your test focussed and create a unique test for every position in your company.
Keep it short & simple -  Instead of creating one long test, write several short tests and make sure that the test only asks relevant questions
Always test soft skills -  Good soft skills or in other words communication skills are an essential requirement for many positions. Keep a section on soft skills in every test.
Check for legal compliance -  At times, certain questions can be interpreted as discriminatory. Review your test so that it meets all the legal requirements associated with hiring processes.
Use an online assessment software -  Finding it difficult to create the test? Try an online assessment software and create employee skill assessment in minutes.
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Online exam software makes it easy to create quizzes
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