Reinforced Concrete Quizzes

Sample Questions

  • When rodding the final layer, the rod should penetrate. 
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  • Steel for welded reinforcing is best described by ASTM ________.
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  • A Swiss Hammer operates on the principle that the rebound of a spring-loaded steel plunger striking the surface of concrete is proportional to the ______ of that concrete. 

  • A swiss hammer is a quick ­­­­­­­­­­­_______ test that can be used for determination of the approximate _______ strength of concrete in place, but IT cannot...

  • Precautions for cold weather concrete should be followed when the mean daily temperature falls to ______degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • Beams, girders, or slabs supported by columns or walls shall not be cast or erected until concrete in the vertical support members is no longer plastic. 

  • Cylinders being transported to the lab should be _______. 
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  • A strength test shall be the average of the strengths of ________ cylinders made from the same sample of concrete and tested at ____ days or at test age designated for determination of f’c.

  • A standard hook has a ___ degree bend plus 12 db (bar diameters) extension at the free end of bar

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