Political Science Quizzes

It is said that if you don’t do politics, politics will do you. Political participation is an important part of our society in many ways because it directly affects our lives and the ways in which we are able to live them. And if we want to participate, we have to know some basic stuff about politics.

Are you ready to answer a couple of questions? Here are a few samples questions: can you name three sources of political legitimacy? What values does government allocate? Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? What is a monarchy? What kind of government is the United States? Are you ready to take this challenge? Then answer all the questions right and show us how much you know about politics.

Sample Questions

  • Representation in the Confederation Congress was based on which of the following formulae?

  • Power is defined in your text as
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  • Politics is defined in your text as
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  • Individuals born in the United States are American citizens, even if their parents are not, following the principle of
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  • ________ refers to a particular view of how we ought to organize and live our collective lives.
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  • Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required approval:

  • Which of the following might be sufficient to ratify amendments to the Constitution?

  • The 2008 presidential election demonstrated that
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  • Jus soli is the legal principle that defines citizenship by the right by
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