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We all have our own moral codes by which we live, and this can vary from one person to another. Philosophers, however, look at the codes that govern us all, and which society sets, and it's this that forms the scientific study of ethics. It's a moral philosophy that takes a forensic look at codes of what's right and wrong, and how they've changed dramatically through the ages.
If societal behavior has always fascinated you, or if you take a keen interest in all things philosophical, then you should do well with our ethics quizzes. Could you name the three fields that make up the study of ethics? That's just one of the ethics questions you could face, and you'll also be tested on legendary thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates. This is black and white; you'll either be right or wrong.

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  • What is business ethics?
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  • Conducting personal business on company time (sending personal messages on company email; taking a longer lunch break to run errands).
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  • Calling in sick when you are heading for a day at the beach to swim.
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  • Using or taking company supplies for personal purposes (tape for gift wrapping, making Xerox copies for your child's schoolwork)
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  • Define morality
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  • Ethics & Law overlap. This is called…
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  • You are having a briefing meeting with a new client and want to be sure to capture all of their comments, so you bring a tape recorder to the meeting. you don’t want IT to be a distraction, so y...