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Ethics Questions

  • What's your fave colour out of these

  • What is the proper way to display the following:
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  • If you had one wish, what would they be? (out of these)

  • What do youn see yourself doing in ten years?

  • Keyloggers can track and record all of the keystrokes entered on a computer. 
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  • 3. According to Boatright, which of the following conditions must any ethical theory have? 
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  • Intellectual Property (books, music, movies) says ____________ is illegal.
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  • 2. The distinction between morality and ethics is best expressed by which of the following? 
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  • 1. Which of these factors distinguish business ethics from ethical decision-making? 
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Not graded - just for review and practice!take as many times as you like
This is a pre-test for ethics 338. the test counts against a student's grade only if she or he does not take th...