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It is the country where the great game of football was invented alongside many other great sports. It is the country where the industrial revolution began and where many great minds from our history resided. Let us go to England for these quizzes and see everything that is there.

Can you answer some quizzes about the Albion? Before we get on with this you should probably take a look at these samples here: What is the total population of England? What was the name of the colony considered to be the jewel in the British Crown?

What was the year when England won its only World Cup? What is the address where the headquarters of the British Government is located? Give as many right answers as possible for England.

England Questions

  • In singles play, if you are serving and the score is an even number you serve from which service courts?
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  • The showChatter attribute is available on which Visualforce component?
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  • In doubles play, the first serve for the serving side begins in what court?
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  • Yggdrasil was the Tree of Life. How many roots did Yggdrasil have?
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  • How many steps did Thor take before he fell dead to the ground?
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  • Which type of application can be created using the Flex Framework for Force.com?   Choose 3 answers
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  • The game of badminton became popular in the United States during what time?
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  • Sleipnir was the horse belonging to Odin. How legs did Sleipnir have?
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  • Apex is a Object based language ?
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Quiz on section 3 of chapter 14
15 questions about england and the english
This quiz is about the general history of england spanning from the saxons to the windsors.
The weather gets even worse in new england but can the actual record change this year? what are everybody's opinion abou...
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