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It is the country where the great game of football was invented alongside many other great sports. It is the country where the industrial revolution began and where many great minds from our history resided. Let us go to England for these quizzes and see everything that is there.

Can you answer some quizzes about the Albion? Before we get on with this you should probably take a look at these samples here: What is the total population of England? What was the name of the colony considered to be the jewel in the British Crown?

What was the year when England won its only World Cup? What is the address where the headquarters of the British Government is located? Give as many right answers as possible for England.

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England Questions and Answers

  • What is Maines Capital?
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  • Rhode Islands Capital is?
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  • What is Connecticut Capital is?
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  • Which New England Colony was founded by Thomas Hooker?
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  • Which New England colony was founded by Roger Williams?
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  • Which colony is labeled B on the map?
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  • TRUE or FALSE: The Puritans Mayflower Compact was an agreement to create fair laws to protect the general good.

  • TRUE or FALSE: The Pilgrims settled with their families, who worked together to help survive in Plymouth.

  • TRUE or FALSE: Ann Hutchinson disagreed with the Puritan leaders who believed that people needed the guidance of a minister and that women should not play an active role in the church.

  • This quiz is limited in scope to include only England & the English. Who exactly are the English. Check all that apply.

  • England's borders include: Check all that apply.

  • The current Prince of Wales is Charles Phillip Arthur George, born 14 November 1948. Thus he beat an important deadline. Prince Charles may, assuming compliance with two contingencies, take on the crown of Wales, thereby becoming the first Prince of Wales (Tywysog Cymru) to do so since 1713.