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Do you know why alternating current is called as such? How about direct current? Yes, it’s called alternating because current flows both ways; one way and then the other. Direct current on the other hand goes just one way. Have you heard about the War of the Currents? Who were involved in this war? Here’s a hint. Scientists, not countries were involved. If you know your electricity well, then the answers shouldn’t have come much of a shock. We’re looking for electricity experts like you.

Are you amped to take on the challenge? Do you think it’s going to be so easy? Stay “grounded”, because it’s tougher than you think. Get those brain circuits charged and check out our quiz.

Electrical Questions

  • An infinite bus-bar has
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  • Transformer is used
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  • If the current is 12 amperes and the voltage is 15 volts, what is the resistance?
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  • Which country is the biggest supplier of crude oil to the United States?

  • The basic function of a transformer is to change
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  • How much do you pay in taxes per gallon of gasoline?

  •  How many barrels of recoverable oil are located in the United States?

  • When an alternating voltage is applied to a purely resistive circuit, the
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  • A dual element fuse is used to:
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