Driving Quizzes & Trivia

Here, take the wheel. It’s your turn to show us what skills you’ve got. They’re right on our tail and we have to lose them quickly. There are ways to hide, so many possibilities? What will you choose? Answer all of these questions quickly and choose the right path. Do you have what it takes to pass all of these obstacles? Our driving trivia will test you.

We have all types of questions in it. These are just some of them: What’s the name of the country where the first long distance road trip by automobile took place? When was the current formal of the European driver’s license adopted? Why has the driver’s license become the most commonplace method of identification in the United States? Drive between all the obstacles and reach the end of the road with maximum points.

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Driving Questions and Answers

  • You are driving a combination vehicle. If the service air line comes apart but the emergency line stays together, what will happen right away?

  • If you cannot make a turn without entering another traffic lane, you should:

  • When should you use chocks to park a trailer not equipped with spring brakes?

  • During what times cant you operate a vehicle under a Special GDL learners permit
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  •  An eight sided sign is
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  • A basic drivers license is awarded to someone who is at least
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  • If your drivers license is revoked, you must (check all that apply)

  • My company truck or vehicle should have the following items. (check all that apply)

  • What size truck requires the use of chocks? (check all that apply)

  • To keep you driver license, you must drive safely at all times. You can lose your license for,

  • To keep your driver license, you must drive safely at all times. You can lose your license for all of the following except,

  • You must have an automobile liability policy  or bond from a state-approved insurance or surety company that provides all of the following except: