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  • In what year did the first terrorist attack against Americans occur?
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  • The unITed states is a federal republic, which divides power among national, state, and local governments, but IT is also a representative democracy, which means that 

  • A region that includes several large cities, their suburbs, and nearby towns is called a 

  • Based on the map, which of the following statements is true?
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  • Which of these towns or cities has been the site of a major pollution event?
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  • Which of these areas of Canada has the highest levels of acidity in its rainfall?
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  • Along with human migration, Europeans were also involved in the Columbian Exchange between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, which included the exchange of  

  • In which region have most of the attacks taken place?
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  • In which of these areas are you most likely to find permafrost?
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