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Many birds of Europe ... south to Africa for the winter. (Fly)

Answer: Fly
The correct answer is "fly" because it is the present tense form of the verb that agrees with the subject "birds." This form indicates that the action is happening currently or habitually, which makes sense in the context of birds migrating from Europe to Africa in winter.

The weather ... very cold in Moscow during winter. (Get)

Answer: Gets
In this sentence, the verb "gets" is the correct answer because it is the simple present tense form of the verb "get." The sentence is talking about the weather in Moscow during winter in general, so the present tense is appropriate. The word "gets" indicates that the weather consistently becomes very cold during winter in Moscow.

After six days of rain, I'm glad that the sun ... again today. (Shine)

Answer: Is shining
The sentence is in the present tense, and we are referring to the current day. The word "glad" indicates a feeling in the present moment. Therefore, the correct answer is "is shining" as it indicates that the sun is currently shining today.

Don't forget to take your umbrella. It ... outside. (Rain)

Answer: Is raining
The correct answer is "is raining" because the sentence is in the present tense and the verb "raining" is the correct form of the verb to describe the current weather condition.

Justin ... a book about his adventure in Tibet. I hope he can find a good publisher when he is finished. (Write)

Answer: Is writing
The correct answer is "is writing" because the sentence is in the present tense and refers to a future event. The phrase "when he is finished" indicates that Justin is currently in the process of writing the book.

I ... them three times, but I still haven't received a reply. (Write)

Answer: Have written
The phrase "I still haven't received a reply" indicates that the action of writing the message has already been completed in the past and has a connection to the present. Therefore, the correct answer is "have written," which is the present perfect tense indicating an action that started in the past and has relevance to the present moment.

Hey, let's change the conversation. It ... too serious! (Get)

Answer: Is getting
The phrase "is getting" is the correct answer because it indicates the ongoing nature of the action of changing the conversation. The present continuous tense is used to describe actions that are happening at the moment or around the present time. In this context, the speaker is suggesting a shift in the conversation from being too serious to something else, implying that the change is currently happening or about to happen.

A: What are you doing now? B: Well, right now I ... a book on how to cook fried rice. (Write)

Answer: Am writing
The correct answer is "am writing" because it is the present continuous tense, which is used to describe an action happening at the moment of speaking. In this context, person B is currently engaged in the activity of writing a book on how to cook fried rice better.

Hendra needs to get in touch with you. Since this morning, he ... here four times trying to reach you. He called at 9:10, 10:25, 12:15, and 1:45. (Call)

Answer: Has called
The correct answer is "has called". The use of "has called" indicates that Hendra made multiple phone calls in the past and the action of calling started in the past and is still ongoing. This is supported by the phrase "Since this morning" which implies that the calling started earlier and continued until the present moment.

Right now Martha is in the science building at our school. The chemistry experiment that she ... is dangerous, so she is being cautious. (Do)

Answer: Is doing
Martha is currently in the science building and she is engaged in an ongoing activity of conducting a chemistry experiment. The use of the present continuous tense "is doing" indicates that the action is happening at the present moment. The sentence also mentions that the experiment is dangerous, which implies that Martha needs to be careful and take necessary precautions while performing it.
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