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Perception is the ability to hear, see, or become more aware of something through your senses. It is the state of becoming aware and some people like to argue that perception is or is not reality. It includes using our senses to experience the world around us and if you can already name all five you’re off to a good start. This quiz on perception is all about detecting change and learning how we position ourselves within an environment.

Is it theory or fact that vision is based on three colors? What three colors? What’s the name of the disorder that in which pain is not sensed or perceived? Can you name the five flavors? Questions like these and more await in this fascinating quiz about perception. Do you think you’ll be able to discern between what’s real and what isn’t? Find out for yourself and take the quiz today.

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Perception Questions

  • Seeing a face is to sensation as recognizing a friend's face is to?
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  • Weber's lawis relevant to an understanding of:
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  •   Information picked up by the body's receptor cells is termed

  • Hearing AIDS are of no use to an individual with __________ deafness

  • Information processed below the normal level of awareness is called

  • Which term refers to interpreting incoming sensory information?
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  • The amplitude of electromagnetic waves determines the ______ of light.
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  • Pable things 75 watt light bulbs give more light than a 60 watt light bulb.  His wife things both are equally bright.  Pablo has a __________ threshold than his wife.
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  • The process by which sensory receptors convert stimulation into neural impulses is called
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