Perception Quizzes

Sample Questions

  • A patient has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. When teaching the family about the prognosis, the nurse must explain that:
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  • Which term refers to interpreting incoming sensory information?

  • The process by which sensory receptors convert stimulation into neural impulses is called

  • Mrs. Acheube is just beginning to experience sensorineural hearing loss. she is likely to have the greatest difficulty hearing sounds of _______ frequency and ___________ amplitude

  • News about the supposed effects of briefly presented messages on moviegoers' consumption of popcorn and coca-cola involved fals claims regarding:

  • Seeing a face is to sensation as recognizing a friend's face is to?

  • The nurse prepares to administer a mild sedative to the restless Alzheimers's patient. Which of the following is most likely to be prescribed?
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  • In teaching the family care of the Alzheimer's patient, the nurse emphasizes which of the following behaviors as a serious threat to safety:
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  • Patients' negative expectations about the outcome of a surgical procedure can increase their postoperative experience of pain. This best illustrates the importance of:

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