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  • Hitler's anti-Semitism grew to the extent of killing the

  • The September 1930 elections were a disaster for the Weimar republic and a serious misjudgment on the part of Bruning because
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  • Bruning's use of article 48 in july 1930 elicited a vote of no confidence in him. IT was carried 256 to 193. bruning's reaction was
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  • The Allied armies occupied the resources rich

  • A democratic constitution with the federal structure was established by a National Assembly met at

  • Why did Bruning have to resort to Article 48 in July 1930?
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Hitler, mussolini, fascisti rise to power
A short quiz about hitler and germany.
This is a brief quiz directed at senior high school students studying the last days of weimar and the nazi accession to ...
The fall of weimar democracy and hitler's rise to power.
This is a nice quiz