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Earthquakes Questions

  • How are earthquakes made?
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  • How long does IT take for an earthquake actually occur?
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  • How many layers is the Earth made of?
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  • What is created when plates converge?
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  • What plate is known as The Ring of Fire?
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  • What is the energy called which builds up before an earthquake is set of?
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  • Which of the following ways might the earthquake actually stimulate the economy?

  • According to the report, what was the financial impact of the Sichuan earthquake?

  • How much of the costs were covered by insurance?

This quiz is to test the students knowledge on earthquakes.
This a quiz about earthquakes.
This quiz is designed to help improve your knowledge of earthquakes.
This is to test your knowledge on earthquakes, there is also some questions in here on tectonic plates too.
After listening to the npr story "plotting the sichuan earthquake's economic toll" complete this quiz.