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Tons of flying two-horned armored fire-spitting fury are headed you way right now. Do not let the beast get too close. Little can actually harm it. Your only armor is your knowledge. Your weapons are the answers that you will be giving. With each right answer, a devastating blow will be delivered.

What is today’s quiz topic? They are a common emblem of Chinese culture and they can slaughter entire armies in “Game of Thrones”. Dragons have been featured on TV for quite some time. What is the main difference between European dragons and Chinese dragons? Russian dragons usually have heads in multiples of what number? Prepare yourself to fight the beast and rid the world of this menace. Glory will be all yours!

Dragon Questions

Find out what dragon you would have with this quiz.
Of the 12 dragons of the heavenly ring, each person resembles one. this test will reveal which one you represent.
These dragons are the dragons you can be! are you a water, fire, lightning, nature, light, dark, air, or earth!
This is a dbz quiz you will love it
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Do you think you know a thing or two about dbz? let's find out.
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