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Tons of flying two-horned armored fire-spitting fury are headed you way right now. Do not let the beast get too close. Little can actually harm it. Your only armor is your knowledge. Your weapons are the answers that you will be giving. With each right answer, a devastating blow will be delivered.

What is today’s quiz topic? They are a common emblem of Chinese culture and they can slaughter entire armies in “Game of Thrones”. Dragons have been featured on TV for quite some time. What is the main difference between European dragons and Chinese dragons? Russian dragons usually have heads in multiples of what number? Prepare yourself to fight the beast and rid the world of this menace. Glory will be all yours!

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  • Which Weapon do you prefer?
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  • I love to battle against other players (PvP).
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  • Are you kind hearted???

  • Suddenly after 3 minutes of your dog barking on top of it's throat and you lying at icy cold ground, suddenly your body changes from. gets bigger.... bigger.... bigger.... until IT turns lizard-liked ...
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  • Wich do you like better-fangs or dull teeth??

  • Which best describes you?
    Dragon question from

  • What's your favorite color???

  • You are walking out with your dog... In peace and silence... Suddenly, something enormous an hot hits you all over. You fall as you start bleeding from your nose. Your dog barks and makes you chest bo...
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  • You look around and eventually you hear your dog whine. in lightning speed you grab IT in strong teeth, chew up till bleeds and swollow with mostly not chewing. how IT tastes like to eat a dog to you?...
    Dragon question from

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Quiz baseado na fanfic "dragons - interativa". responda com sinceridade e faça sua ficha!
This will be the part of our test that determines your ruling score. each question is worth 2 points
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Style="font-size:16px;">in this quiz you will see if there were dragons which one you would be.>
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