Dragon Quizzes & Trivia

Dragon Quizzes & Trivia
Tons of flying two-horned armored fire-spitting fury are headed you way right now. Do not let the beast get too close. Little can actually harm it. Your only armor is your knowledge. Your weapons are the answers that you will be giving. With each right answer, a devastating blow will be delivered.

What is today’s quiz topic? They are a common emblem of Chinese culture and they can slaughter entire armies in “Game of Thrones”. Dragons have been featured on TV for quite some time. What is the main difference between European dragons and Chinese dragons? Russian dragons usually have heads in multiples of what number? Prepare yourself to fight the beast and rid the world of this menace. Glory will be all yours!

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  • You are walking in a forest on your own, and no-body knows where you are. You find your self lost at a cross-road, and have left your mobile-phone at home. You here a noise behind you, and decide to w...
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  • What type of dragon do you like ?

  • What is your favorite season?

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  • In which exotic destination would you rather spend vacation?

  • Out of the following, what is your favorite color?

  • You decide to follow that path, when a grizzly bear jumps out of the bushes in front of you. however, before IT can even get to you, something snatches you up and pulls you into the air. you don't kno...
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  • You are starting to get hungry, so the thing that is carying you says "we can't stop now! we're almost there!" you start to conplain, so IT says "fine, find me a snack from in that leather pouch, and ...
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  • What kind of dragon would you like ?