Astrophysics Quizzes

Do you watch television? Have you watched a show called the "Big Bang Theory"? Do you know what Leonard and Sheldon study? That's right...physics. However, that's not all. Bazinga! This quiz has maths, it has science and it has space! Get ready for a mind-bending trip through time and space, visit the stars from your textbooks!

Prepare to look at questions about astronomical greats like Copernicus and Gallileio! Get ready to make answers about Kepler, comets and technology! In these quizzes, there are computers, telescopes, and giant, flaming balls of gas! If you're really good, then you may even reach the bonus round about Issac Newton, and Astronauts! What are you waiting for, a light-year?

Astrophysics Questions

Test yourself on your understanding of our solar system.
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