Online exam software makes it easy to create quizzes

What is online exam software?

Online exam software is a tool that enables teachers or corporate trainers to create exams over the internet. Learners can access these exams, on the go, from their laptops, tablets and even smartphones making anytime, anywhere learning possible. Using the software, instructors may create online exams in multiple languages, schedule tests and automate reports eliminating manual grading of papers.

What’s in it for businesses?

The success of any business depends largely on the quality of employees and their performance. Online exams can be used by companies for variety of purposes such as to screen potential employees as well as improve the knowledge and skill of existing employees.


What’s in it for teachers?

Using online exams, teachers can create practice quizzes or timed online exams to test their students. Popular features most helpful for teachers include scheduling, adding security, shuffling questions that prevent cheating. Teachers save tons of time since online exams are automatically graded!

How to prevent cheating in online exams

Add time limit -  Set a time limit to your exam to reduce the chances of learners using external methods to find answers.
Shuffle answer options -  You can shuffle the answer options, so that learners cannot copy the correct answers by peeking into another's screen.
Randomize questions -  Just like shuffling answers, randomizing the order of questions is another effective way to discourage learners from copying each other's answers.
Limit exam availability -  You can make your exam available only during certain dates or hours, so that learners cannot take the exam after it expires.
Keep your exam private -  To ensure that unauthorized users do not take your exam, you can create a password-protected exam and it with only select learners.

Questions to ask before trying an online exam software

  • Is the software simple to use and equipped with security features?
  • Can you measure learners progress?
  • Can it customize results & reports for each student?
  • Does the software include gradebook?
  • Does is save me time and resources with features like automatic grading?
  • Can quiz questions be picked from a question pool?
  • Is the software compatible with all devices and browsers?
  • Does it allow you to customize grading & scoring scale?
  • Is the software available 24/7?
  • Can the software prevent cheating with features like question pooling, shuffle and time limits?
  • Are there any additional costs such as installation or maintenance fee?
  • Can it notify students of final grade & report?
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    Brenda Kesler,

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Online assessment software makes it easy to create and share quizzes.
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