You Asked, We Listened: We’ve got You Multi-Currency Support for Your Quizzes and Courses!

Multi CurrencyWe’ve listened to your feedback and have heard them all loud and clear! Ever since we launched our online store to help you sell your quizzes and courses, we’ve seen a lot of customers creating training on the go – and selling them like hot cakes too! You told us that it’d be awesome to have the ability to offer multiple-currencies to a large audience interested in buying your quizzes or courses. So you need to offer the same quiz in multiple currencies? Or need to sell in just your local currency – Canadian dollars for example? Got it, makes total sense. So in keeping with the increasing number of requests, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched the feature to support multiple currencies to sell all your quizzes and training.

Here’s a handy breakdown of this fantastic new feature designed to help you reach a larger audience-base, do more with your quizzes, courses and well, make more money!

Sell in any of the following currencies:

USD   US Dollar (With Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
CAD   Canada Dollar (With Visa, MasterCard)
EUR   Euro (With Visa, MasterCard)
JPY   Japanese Yen  (With Visa, MasterCard)
GBP   Pound Sterling (With Visa, MasterCard)
AUD   Australian Dollar Visa, MasterCard (With Visa, MasterCard)
CZK   Czech Koruna  (With Visa, MasterCard)
DKK   Danish Krone  (With Visa, MasterCard)
HKD   Hong Kong Dollar  (With Visa, MasterCard)
HUF   Hungarian Forint  (With Visa, MasterCard)
NOK   Norwegian Krone (With Visa, MasterCard)
NZD   New Zealand Dollar  (With Visa, MasterCard)
PLN   Polish Zloty (With Visa, MasterCard)
SGD   Singapore Dollar (With Visa, MasterCard)
SEK   Swedish Krona (With Visa, MasterCard)
CHF   Swiss Franc (With Visa, MasterCard)

How do you do this?

Simple, as always!

  • On the dashboard, select ‘Edit Settings’

  • In this section, click on the ‘Price’ tab and set the price for your quiz

  • Repeat the same for courses and it’s done.

Set the price of the quiz

Is’nt this great? We hope you can make optimum use of this benefit and get loads of new buyers for your quizzes and training courses.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements we could make in this feature? As always, we’re all ears so don’t be shy to share your feedback. Let us know in the Comments below or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!