Invite Multiple Participants to Take Your Surveys at One Go!

Customer SurveyTired of manually feeding a long list of participant email ids before shooting your surveys out to them? We understand how painfully unending and tedious this process can be for our users and came up with a solution that can shoo away the pain in minutes!

We’ve now launched the new Email List feature that easily allows survey software to invite multiple participants at the single click of a button. Just create a list of all the email ids you’ll need in an excel sheet and shoot! It’s that simple.

What’s best is that this feature is not just for paid users; we’ve included everyone on the plan! At ProProfs, we believe in the amazing power of ‘Free’ and love it when our customers use our free plan to create great surveys to make amazing decisions. That’s why we’ve kept small surveys free of cost! For large surveys involving more than 100 people, we recommend you use a free plan.

We take surveys very seriously and realize the more the number of participants, the more responses your survey is likely to get. So go on, scale up the number of participants for your survey and invite them to partake in just a click of a button!

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