Save Time by Auto Enrolling Learners via API

Time Saver APIWith ProProfs, you can manage the registration of learners in a number of ways. One of the most effective ways to register learners to your classroom is by auto enrolling them via API. This is suitable for large enterprises such as manufacturing companies, where the employee churn is high, and large number of employees are taking the training at a time.

Why API?

As a corporate trainer you save tons of time by auto enrolling large batches of trainees using ProProfs API. By doing so, you do not have to log in to ProProfs and manually update the details of new trainees to the classroom.

Instead, you can get the job done automatically and in real time via API. As soon as new employees join your company, you can get them automatically enrolled to the classroom via API, so that new employees can immediately begin the training.

Similarly, if you are an instructor selling course access on your website, then you can greatly benefit by using ProProfs API. As soon as there is a sale, you can trigger an API to automatically register a new user to the list of existing learners who have access to the course.  This whole process is automated if you are using ProProfs Store to sell your courses.

Top Benefits

Save time & effort: Manually updating the details of learners can become cumbersome, especially when you are adding many learners to the classroom. Use API to save time and effort by automating the registration process.

Begin training immediately: Using API, you can instantly register new employees to the classroom. This means that new employees can immediately start taking the training from day one, without any break in learning.

No login required: By activating ProProfs API, you don’t have to log in to ProProfs to register new learners. New trainees or learners are automatically enrolled to your classroom via API recall.

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