Easily Grade Essay Type Questions

grade essay questionsCreating a quiz with ProProfs is a simple and easy process. You can add various question types, such as fill in the blanks, matching questions etc, to the quizzes you create with ProProfs. All of the questions are automatically graded, which saves you time, effort and money.

Recently, we added the grading feature to the essay type questions too. Now you can add essay questions to your quiz and easily assign points to your learners’ answers to these questions.

Adding essay type questions to your quizzes, enhances the learning process, as it makes your quizzes more comprehensive.

Benefits of essay questions

  • Easy to create and add to your quizzes.
  • Helps learners to assimilate, analyze and apply what they have learnt.
  • Promotes original thinking, organization of knowledge and expression of thoughts in your learners.
  • Instructors can assess learning outcomes and thought processes of their learners.
  • Helps to test the writing skills of learners.

How to assign points to essay type questions in ProProfs Quiz Maker

Step 1. Go to My Quizzes and click on Reports & Attempts.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

Step 2. Click on “View” under Score Report.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

Step 3. Once you are in “View”, scroll down to click on the “Grade” button beside an essay question.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

Step 4. Assign points to the answer and click on “Save”, to update the report.

ProProfs Quiz Maker