Customize Quiz Appearance with ProProfs Themes

ProProfs themesWith the new themes feature in ProProfs Quiz Maker you can customize your quiz appearance, just the way you like it. Quiz themes add colors, designs & visuals to your quizzes, which helps you to engage learners better and get more responses. You can create quizzes which match your website logos/colors and improve brand recognition among your quiz takers.

  • Match your website or blog design: ProProfs Quiz Maker themes can be used to create quizzes that best matches the look and feel of your website or blog. This feature helps you in establishing a consistency between your website or blog page and your quiz page.

  • Brand your quizzes: Branding of your quizzes can be done by uploading your logo or any image of your choice. It takes a single click to upload your logo or your image.

  • Customize every part of your quiz: With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can customize every part of your quiz to match your website, blog or brand logo design. You can customize the following:

    • Background
    • Background extension
    • Fonts, text and colors
    • Buttons
  • Get more responses: By selecting a particular theme that best fits your website or blog design, you can increase the consistency of page designs to make the quiz takers more comfortable and get more responses.

    ProProfs helps you to build branded quizzes that engages and reaches your audience easily.