Prevent Survey Spam by Allowing Only One Response per Person



With ProProfs Survey Maker, you can create secure surveys, which allow only one response per person. This is achieved by blocking repeated attempts from the same computer or IP address. By limiting survey responses to one, you can prevent spam and get more accurate results for your survey.

Benefits of limiting survey responses to one

Prevent spam – Since only a single attempt can be made from a particular computer or IP address, you will not be harassed with spam responses.

Get accurate results – Your survey results will be more accurate as respondents will get to attempt only once on a particular survey

How to block repeated attempts for your survey?

There are two ways to block repeated attempts to your survey:

  • By computer – achieved by placing a cookie on the individual’s browser
  • By IP– achieved by recognizing the respondent’s IP address

Learn the steps at: How to limit survey responses to one?