Capture Customer Preferences with Our New Ranking Question Types for Surveys

Laptop MegaphoneUnderstanding consumer preferences is crucial for the success of any business. With ProProfs Survey Maker ranking question types, you can do just that and more. You can engage customers better with survey ranking question types and also obtain actionable data, which presents a clear picture of customer preferences. You can use this data to align your products or services with customer expectations and grow your business.


What does ranking question type mean?

Ranking question type is a survey question, where respondents compare a list of different objects to one another.

The example below shows you a ranking scale of #1 to #6, where 1 represents the most preferred and 6 the least. Respondents will rank the items in order of preference and importance.

Survey Ranking Question Type

Advanced tip: The above example requires respondents to rank six ice-cream flavors in their order of preference. If you have a list with more than ten items, then it’s advisable to break them up into smaller tables to make it easy for respondents to answer.

Benefits of ranking question types

Understand customer preferences – As a market researcher you can use ranking question types to get actionable data, which helps you understand customer preferences better.

Get more survey responses– Respondents love the interactive design of surveys with ranking question types. Using ranking question types you can engage customers better and get more responses.

Learn how to add ranking question to your surveys at: How to add ranking questions to a survey?