Share Poll Results with Respondents Upon Completion

Share Poll ResultWant to reveal the poll results for respondents after it’s completed or closed? Our new setting lets you easily publish poll results, once the poll is closed.

While you might want to keep results private for one such as a customer satisfaction poll. In other cases, like a public opinion poll, you can display the final poll results on your blog or website. This makes respondents feel that they have contributed and helps them view the answers of other respondents as well.


Empower respondents by sharing poll results instantly with ProProfs Poll Maker

The image below shows you how the poll results will appear to your respondents:

Poll Results

Now, let’s take a look at how you can show respondents the final poll results.

Step 1: Once you’re on the “Edit Settings” page, set the poll closing date and also check the option which says “Show result screen if poll is closed”.

Poll Maker Settings

Step 2: Save your settings and respondents will be able to view the poll results once it’s closed.

ProProfs Poll Maker