Encourage Mobile Learning with Smartphone and Tablet Compatible Quizzes

Mobile ComplatibilityWhether it’s employee assessments or online exams you are looking to create, you want learners to be able to access them on mobiles and tablets. With ProProfs Quiz Maker’s responsive web design, you can create quizzes, tests and exams which are inherently responsive and automatically adjust to all screen sizes be it laptops, iPads, iPhones or Android smartphones.

By 2015, 80% of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from mobile devices.
– 2011 Horizon Report

With no extra effort at your end, all your quizzes are automatically optimized for mobile devices so that learners can take your quizzes from their media or mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Blackberry etc. As an instructor this, helps you reap the benefits of mobile learning by engaging and reaching out to more learners – who actively use mobile devices to learn online.

It is estimated that 75% of the workforce in the US is already mobile and IDC predicts that by 2015 the numbers, worldwide, will reach 1.3 billion or a staggering 37.2% of global workforce.

Benefits of ProProfs Quiz Maker’s responsive web design

Reach out to more learners

With the boom in mobile usage, learners access the internet more from their smartphones and tablets rather than PCs. You can tap into this learner base by creating quizzes that can run across all kinds of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

Learning on the go

Learner can easily access the quizzes from any mobile device connected to the internet. This makes it possible for them to take the quizzes and tests in their free time while travelling, between meetings or even from the comfort of their homes.

Self-paced learning

Mobile learning allows learners to take the online tests at their own convenience and in bite-sized chunks. Learners can complete a part of the test and return to it in their free time, which helps them process and retain information better.

Better engagement

Today, smartphones and tablets are constant companions of learners. As an instructor, it’s necessary deliver quizzes that learners can access anywhere, anytime. This allows you to engage learners even at a social level outside of a professional or educational environment.

Take a sneak-peek at how your quiz will look across:

Smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry

ProProfs Quiz Maker on Mobile

Tablets such as iPad and Google Nexus

ProProfs Quiz Maker on Tablets

Laptops and Desktops 

ProProfs Quiz Maker on Laptops


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