Create Amazing Customized Quizzes that Match Your Theme Colors

Whether you’re planning a wedding or revamping your room, selecting a particular theme or color is sure to sweeten the experience and enhance the final look. The same is also true when it comes to ‘designing’ your quizzes. So are you looking to match colors in your quiz with your website? With ProProfs Hex code support in Themes you can now do that! Take advantage of this and create beautifully designed quizzes that enhance and complement its core subject.

So whether you want your quiz title to be in fiery red or plant-green, you can now make that happen. Need Times New Roman as your main question font and that too in blue? Then select your go-to color all the way! With a range of ‘color pickers’ to choose from, you can add that much-needed burst of color and style to your quiz when you need it most. Remember, you can even add your own personal hex code if you’ve got one. So get fancy and have fun while you adjust the font type, underline, bold or italicize the text of your quiz. And once you’re done, run through the whole thing using our ‘Save and Preview’ box. Don’t like something you see? Simple. Carry on with the adjustments and make tweakings here and there to create your very own quiz masterpiece!

How do you get started?

Its easy. Just follows these simple steps.

  • Go to ‘Edit Settings’ and select the ‘Theme’ tab for the quiz you wish to customize
  • Select ‘Fonts’ under ‘Customize your Quiz’ and choose the fonts and colors for your quiz
  • That’s it, you’re done!
Customize QuizzesMake your quizzes as beautiful as your wedding dress !

So put on your thinking caps and get creative. Happy Quizzing!


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