Add Sectional Breaks to Organize Your Surveys

survey section breakJust as a page break divides your survey into pages, a section break divides your survey into different sections according to topics. For instance a pre-hire employee survey could be divided into sections such as Work Experience, Educational Background, Personal Details, Areas of Interest and so on. By adding section breaks you provide a context to a group of questions and help respondents understand your survey better. Additionally, section breaks make your survey look more visually appealing  to respondents, with the questions being logically organized under relevant sections.

Check out a survey template with section breaks.

Benefits of section breaks:

  • Help your respondents understand your survey easily by adding a label to a group of questions.
  • Make your surveys visually more appealing by organizing groups of questions under sub-headers.
University Admission Application Template

How to add section breaks to your surveys?

Step 1: When creating or editing a survey, look for the “section break” button on left side and drag and drop it to where you want it placed.

How to add section breaks to your surveys

Step 2: Add a header and description for the section break

Add a Header to SectionBreak

Step 3: Save your settings and you’re done adding section breaks.

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