Get 30% More Responses by Creating a Multi-Page Survey

Online SurveyWith ProProfs new pagination feature, you can create a survey which is simple and easy for your respondents to take. By using page breaks, you can divide a long survey into multiple pages and make it convenient for your respondents to answer the survey questions. You can also easily add page breaks to your survey with a simple click of a button, and ensure that you get more respondents to take your survey.


Respondents found it easier to take long surveys organized by pages and responses increased by 30%.

       – ProProfs Internal Study  

Benefits of a multi-page survey

  • Surveys are less tedious – A multi-page survey is not as monotonous as a long, one-page survey. It’s more simple, easy and fun for respondents to take.

  • Get more responses – An internal study by ProProfs indicates that respondents find it easier to take long surveys organized by pages, with responses increasing by 30%.

  • Easy to create – With ProProfs you can easily create a survey with page breaks by simply dragging and dropping the pagination feature wherever you want on your survey.

How to enable page breaks in your survey?

Step 1: When creating or editing a survey, look for the “page break” button on left side and drag and drop it to where you want it placed.

Drag and Drop Feature of ProProfs Survey Maker

Step 2.  Save your settings and you’re done adding page breaks.

ProProfs Survey Maker