New API for tracking updates of your Learners & Quiz Data

ProProfs Quiz Software now has API enhancements to track score updates. Now, you get automatic notifications for any score update such as additional bonus points or essay grading scores added to your learners quiz report. This ensures that your learners’ and quiz data are always up-to-date and relevant.



Automatic notifications, sent through our new API, help you maintain updated reports in your database/system

Benefits of ProProfs API

Using ProProfs API, you can create a deeper integration between your site and ProProfs allowing you to easily capture quiz data on your website.

  • Insert lead capture into your own database such as name, email etc of quiz taker
  • Insert names and information for people that take the test into SugarCRM, SalesForce or any other CRM system
  • Trigger emails or any other process on your website when someone takes the test
  • Keep your learners’ reports and quiz data up-to-date
ProProfs API Variable Name

What are the new API enhancements?

result_id: It is a unique id generated when someone attempts your quiz. If the scores for that attempt are updated, you can identify if it’s the same attempt using “result_id”. In other words, if your system gets an update with a previously existing “result_id”, you can update the score for that attempt.

status: It indicates if you’ve made changes to a learner’s score or if there has been a new attempt to your quiz . “status” can either be one of the following values:

  • New:  when someone attempts your quiz for the first time
  • Update:  refers to any changes that you make to your learners’ score such as assigning bonus points or essay grading points

Learn more about ProProfs API: How do I use ProProfs API to capture learners’ data for my database/website?