Improve Security with Automatic Expiration Dates for User Accounts

Business SecurityWith ProProfs Training Maker and Quiz Maker, you can set user accounts to automatically expire after a certain date to improve security. Setting limited time access using expiration field finds application in high churn environments such as retail & manufacturing. It is also useful in scenarios where customers or employees need limited time access and removes the need of manually disabling user accounts.



Benefits of automatic expiration dates

  • Improve security by setting limited term access based on project length or for third party users such as customers, contractors etc
  • Set access period based on job role for employees such as contractors or short-term employee who are only active for a set period of time

How to set expiration date for user accounts?

Step 1: You need to download the spreadsheet for bulk uploading users to classroom.  Download the sample Excel spreadsheet to see how Expiration Dates work.

Step 2: Fill the Excel spreadsheet by adding “Expiration Dates” and upload the updated sheet.

Set Expiration Date for User Accounts

Note* – You can also set expiration dates for users from classroom.