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Which game currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG, and has grossed over 10 billion dollars as of July 2012? It’s the highest-grossing video game of all time, with more than 100 million player accounts registered… that’s right, we could only be talking about World of Warcraft!

The cult game has seen millions become addicted to the roleplaying nature of the game, which sees players taking on the life of elves, orcs, dwarves or other mythical creatures. Gamers spend hours building their character’s experience, embarking on dangerous missions to acquire magical weapons and gear, and teaming up with friends and allies to defeat mobs and bosses. Now you know why it’s a best-seller! If you consider yourself something of a WoW fan, you’ll be right at home with our selection of quizzes and challenging questions. Gather your friends and get quizzing to see who will take the crown and become the Quiz Champion of Azeroth!

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World Of Warcraft Questions

  • Which is closest to your body type?
    World Of Warcraft question from

  • The bully has had IT with the minor tricks and insults. he's now challenging you to a fight! how do you react?

  • Your friends are in trouble! What is your greatest asset to the inevitable combat you will face to save them!
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  • Which of the following colors do you prefer over the others?
    World Of Warcraft question from

  • If you had to choose between one of the following animals to represent you, which would IT be?
    World Of Warcraft question from

  • If you had to choose one of the following symbols, which would you feel represents you as a person the most?
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  • How tall are you?
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  • What traits best describe your personality?

  • A bully is constantly messing with you. What do you do?