Supernatural Quizzes

The forces of evil are at work again. You and your brother must continue your seemingly never-ending journey to fight the darkness that threatens to engulf humanity unless something is done about it. Get ready for another one of those thrilling adventures that the Winchester boys had and fear no darkness because it will get to you one way or another.

Show us you are a true Supernatural fan and answer all the questions: Before the series was brought to television, Eric Kripke had been developing the series for how long? What was the name of the girl that Azazel’s daughter possessed in the first season? At the end of which season does Castiel absorb all the souls of purgatory and declares himself God? Prepare for battle. Are you ready to fight the darkness ahead?

Sample Questions

  • Vampire

  • Werewolf

  • Which devilish apparition, with incredible leaping powers and fierce red eyes, terrorised credulous Londoners in the mid-19th Century?
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  • Which occultist plays a prominent and titular role in a London-set novel by Peter Ackroyd?
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  • Demon. Check all that apply.

  • What car does Dean own?
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  • Which of the below is NOT a hunter?
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  • Which possibly Druidic item can be seen in a small grill set into a former bank on Cannon Street? 
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  • What is the real name of the Yellow Eyed Demon that the brothers face in the first two seasons?
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