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Picture the's a dark moonlit night, the mist swirls around the windowsill of a young lady, clad in white. She cries out into the night "Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?"...You know the tragic story all too well, yes? Well then now is your time to prove it! Answer which family he hailed from...The proud Montagues, or the fiery Capulets?

How did he die? Was it poison, a dagger or an arrow to the heart? Prepare to take a walk through quizzes inspired by William Shakespeare, as you answer questions about his parentage, whether his father was a lord, duke or king, and who he fell in love with! It won't be long before you're weeping and crying and wishing and praying, but not for Romeo, but for the answers to right, right?

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Romeo And Juliet Questions

This quiz will help me gage your understanding of the first few scenes. it is also practice for your act i quiz on thursday.
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Romeo and juliet overall quiz - act i to act v includes: - quotes - true or false - devices - fill in the blanks
Can you answer the questions correctly?
This quiz is taken only from act 1, scenes 1 - 5, of the play.
See if you can identify the literary devices used in this lines from william shakespeare's romeo and juliet.
This is the final eam for english i's unit over romeo & juliet. not only does it cover facts about plot and characters from the play, i...
Please choose the best correct answer.