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  • You are at the mall with your friends and you see one of them slip a tube of lipgloss into their pocket and walk out of the store. You:

  • Which of the following does not contribute to negative peer pressure?

  • Who do you get pressure by the most?
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  • Is peer pressure good or bad?

  • Is IT easy for you to give into peer pressure?
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  • Which one of the following statements about peer pressure is true?

  • Do you feel like your being pressure by your partner (if you have one, if not your friends) to do something?
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  • You are at your locker getting ready to go to your least favourite class, English, when your friend comes up to you and asks you if you want to skip class and go to get something to eat. You:

  • You are leaving the movie theatre after watching a flick with your BFF when you both are offered a cigarette from some of the cool kids you know from school. Your BFF accepts. You:

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