Emotion Quizzes

Emotions are everywhere and impact everyone on a daily basis. No matter how hard you try you can’t escape your emotions. Some feel they’re a blessing while others feel they’re a burden. No matter how you feel about them you will feel joy by taking our quizzes.

Ponder on questions like: “Is terror an emotion”, “Is trust and emotion?”, “What is affective computing?”, “Is courage an emotion?”, and “How are emotions linked to the nervous system?”.

This is one of the few rare moments where getting caught up in your emotions is a good thing. Use your emotions and brains to not only overcome these quizzes, but have fun as well. If you’re sad then taking these quizzes will make you happy! 

Emotion Questions

The name again says it all
Below are nine texts. please fill in the blank with one of nine fundamental emotions; happy, sad, disgust, anger, intere...
This is my psychology 102 project, detecting emotion in texting. please read the texts below and fill in the blank with ...
Emotion quiz. how fun.
Vocabulary quiz based on a list of twenty emotion-based words.
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