Chemical Reaction Quizzes

Chemical reactions are part of our daily lives. From cooking in the kitchen, to driving a car, these reactions are commonplace. In a chemical reaction, the molecules of one substance break apart and join together with those of another substance to create a different compound (combination of molecules).

Many chemical reactions are non-reversible changes .You cannot turn a baked cake back into its raw ingredients. Some chemical reactions can be reversed, and re-formed into the original substances. These are reversible changes.

If you fancy one reaction or another, then you will most surely enjoy the questions of these quizzes: “The smallest particle of gold which still retains its characteristics is?”, “An atom containing 19 protons, 20 neutrons, and 19 electrons has a mass number of?”, and “What does all matter have?”.

Sample Questions

  • Rate of chemical reaction is independent of the concentration of reactants for

  • Which of the following elements is a good conductor used in electrical wiring? 
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  • Pb(NO3)2 + 2 KI ---> PbI2 + 2 KNO3 what constitutes this reaction ?  

  • In a chemical reaction, a hydrocarbon compound reacts with the diatomic element oxygen. What type of reaction is this?

  • If “n” is the order of reaction then unit of rate constant is

  • Complete the word equation: Zinc + hydrochloric acid → ? 
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  • Is the following reaction a synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, neutralization (acid-base), or combustion reaction? C10H8 + 12O2 → 10CO2&n...

  • Which two chemicals can be used to make copper nitrate?
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  • Which of the following is not a unit of reaction rate?

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