Air Pollution Quizzes

Sample Questions

  • Are you comfortable operating weapons?

  • Modern air brake systems combine three different components.  The components are Service Brakes, Parking Brakes, and:

  • Do you strive to acheive your goals?

  • Playing around with a standard deck of cards, you and your friends decide to assign a suit to each other. Your friends all agree on a suit that reminds them of you. What would that most likely be?

  • Why must air tanks be drained?

  • A good friend comes to you, clearly riled up and upset. They know you well, and know your type of reaction is just the input they need at that moment. What made them come to you for support?

  • What is a supply pressure gauge used for?

  • Do you work better alone, or in a group?

  • An angry dog has wandered into your front yard and is prowling about, barking threateningly. What is the first thing you would likely do to resolve the issue?

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