Online teaching software makes it easy to teach

What is an online teaching tool?

An online teaching tool helps instructors to administer tests and courses to their learners as well as track their performance. Such tools save teachers tons of time and effort as courses can be created once and administered easily to a large number of students. Online tests given through such tools are automatically graded and completely paperless. Similarly, corporate trainers can use these tools as part of their training programs. Online tests can be held at multiple global locations at the same time and tracking the progress of learners is also easy.

What’s in it for teachers?

The tool helps teachers to save time and improve the performance of learners by identifying knowledge gaps. With the online tests being automatically graded, there’s zero paperwork saving teachers tons of time and effort. They can also access detailed reports such as the time learners spent on each question, average number of incorrect responses and more to identify the areas where learners need help. Using the tool, teachers can create either practice tests to support their daily classes or advanced online exams, which are timed to prevent cheating amongst learners.


What’s in it for businesses?

Businesses can use teaching tools to administer training programs. They can create branded online tests which can be taken anytime, anywhere, making it easy to schedule tests to a global employee base. Employees can take the tests at their free time without hampering work hours. Trainers can also create secure tests which are accessible only to the employees with whom they share the passwords. The tool also provides detailed reports making it easy to track the progress trainees and meet compliance requirements.


Essential Online Teaching Tools


Quiz Tool

Quiz Maker lets you create online tests and identify knowledge gaps of learners.

Course Tool

Training Maker lets you train learners using online courses, tests and surveys.

Survey Tool

Survey Maker lets you effectively gather feedback from your learners.
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