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Make Learning Fun & Engaging

Add images and videos to make quizzes interesting

With ProProfs online teaching software, you can create interesting quizzes that will make the entire process of knowledge transfer fun and interesting. Use images and videos to make the quizzes interesting, add hints to the questions for their answers, or explanations for the right answers. You can also give customized quiz certificates to your learners once they’ve completed the quiz and compare performances on the leaderboard. This helps in boosting competitive spirit and evoke curiosity.

  • Use multimedia to make it fun
  • Add hints to your Q&A
  • Use custom quiz certificates
  • Compare performance on a leaderboard

Integrate With Training Maker

Add engaging quizzes to your online training courses

Online Learning Tools Integrate With Training Maker

Integrate our online teaching software with our training maker to add quizzes to the training courses easily and make learning fun and engaging. This will also help you in creating learning paths while you assign industry-specific training courses to your learners. Assess the level of knowledge retention in learners by adding quizzes to your training courses.

  • Create learning paths
  • Use industry-specific training courses
  • Assess knowledge retention
  • Track course progress

Automate Grading & Scoring

Save time by assigning grades and scores in advance

Automate grading and scoring for correct answers in the test that you create with our quiz maker for teachers. Assigning grades and scores for the correct answers in advance while you’re creating a quiz or a test saves you a great deal of time and effort. You can also add a brief explanation for correct answers, which appears right after a learner attempts a question.

  • Provide instant feedback
  • Explanations for correct answers
  • Even grade essay questions instantly
  • Save time & effort

Access Reports & Stats

Easily track individual and group performances

With quizzes created in ProProofs online teaching software, it becomes easier for you to analyze learner performance since the reports and stats are auto-generated. You can easily track individual and group performance or compare their current performance with previous performance, anytime, anywhere. View details such as the time spent on each question, time taken to complete the quiz, total number of attempts, and more. You can also download reports in Excel or CSV formats.

  • View detailed reports anytime, anywhere
  • Track time spent on each question
  • Compare performance with previous tests
  • Export to Excel or CSV

Create Online Classrooms

Easily send quizzes to individual learners or groups

Create online classrooms for your students with our online teaching software. With online classrooms, you can create learner groups and then assign quiz assignments to these groups efficiently, track learning progress, notify learners via email alerts, and more. Teachers can restrict unauthorized access by assigning a unique username and password for each learner.

  • Set usernames & passwords
  • Track progress of learners
  • Notify learners via email alerts
  • Centralize quiz assignments
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  • Automated Grading & Scoring with Online Teaching Tools Automated Grading & Scoring

    Assign grades or scores to the correct answers in advance to save time and effort.

  • Display Result Instantly After the Quiz Taker Completes a Quiz Instant Results

    Auto-calculate and display result instantly after the quiz taker completes a quiz

  • Prevent Cheating in Exam Prevent Cheating

    Randomize questions and shuffle answer options to prevent cheating.

  • Creating Quizzes Online No Software installation

    No software installation needed. Just sign up and start creating quizzes online.

  • Test Your Learners Anytime & Anywhere Compatible

    Test your learners anytime, anywhere. Access quizzes from any device including mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

  • Online Classrooms Software Online Classrooms

    Easily create learner groups and assign quizzes and courses to learner groups.

  • Integrate Quiz Maker with Proprofs Training Integrations

    Integrate Quiz Maker with ProProfs Training Maker, your favorite LMS, of any other tool of your choice.


  • Great for companies doing Online exams!
    Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
    Brenda Kesler
    Brenda Kesler,

    Ph.D. Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Drive up traffic & website engagement
    ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic.
    Ann Smarty
    Ann Smarty,

    Editor, Search Engine Journal

Create a QuizGet a Demo

Create a Quiz Get a Demo

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