Online testing is perfect for teachers and trainers

What is an online test maker?

An online test maker is a tool that helps teachers and trainers to easily create and assign online tests to learners. Online tests can easily be scheduled as they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The tests are automatically graded saving instructors tons of time and effort. Online testing also offers detailed reports, which reveal knowledge gaps and provide insights into a learner’s overall performance.

What’s in it for teachers?

Online tests can help teachers save tons of time and effort. The tests are automatically graded with the results instantly available to students, so that teachers don’t have to spend hours grading test-papers. They can create practice tests to support daily classes or assess learners at the end of a semester with secure online exams. Advanced test reports help teachers to identify knowledge gaps and understand how to improve the learning experience of their students.


What’s in it for businesses?

Using an online test maker, companies can create employee training tests, compliance tests, employee skill assessments, pre-hire tests and many more. For instance, trainers can use online tests as part of training to ensure that employees understand the materials being taught. Online testing can be used for a variety of purposes such as screening potential candidates, training existing employees on issues such as workplace harassment awareness, compliance requirements and more. Online tests can also be easily scheduled for employees located at different locations and their progress effectively tracked through online reports.


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How online test maker saves your time

Create tests in minutes -  Creating online tests is easy. But finding the right questions can be a time-consuming process. A good online test maker provides you with a questions library, where you can get ideas for your own questions or use ready-made quizzes to create a practice test for your learners.
Easily schedule tests -  A good career assessment must ask respondents what things are most important to them such as achievements, status and money. This is an important aspect and reveals a lot about an individual.
Automatically grade tests -  With online tests, questions are automatically graded, saving you tons of time and effort. You can simply add specific points to questions and students will be able to instantly see their results at the end of the test.
Instantly track learners progress -  An online test maker provides you with online classrooms, where you can instantly see who has taken your tests and send learners quick reminders to those who haven’t. You can also access detailed test reports to track how learners have performed on a particular test or quickly view their performance over time at a single click.

Offline Vs Online Test Checklist


  • Automated Grading
  • Exam stats & reports
  • Take exams anywhere anytime
  • Add videos, images & media
  • Embed quizzes on websites
  • No exam administrators
  • Paperless



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