Le Lycée, founded in 1964 in the state of Los Angeles, has been a pioneer in the field of education. We aim to develop the minds and character of our students. It is one of the only schools in Southern California to offer a full program from preschool to the 12th grade. Students at Le Lycée enjoy a wide range of classes and are immersed in a program that opens doors and allows for opportunities all over the world.

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I needed to adapt all my usual tests online during the COVID quarantine period and for that, I needed a solution that would be practical for both the students and myself, do adapt music tests, and quizzes for remote schooling.


I started using ProProfs and created great quizzes and tests for my students, with pictures, videos, music, etc. which were even better than the traditional tests I created in class.

It was easier than I thought to create them on the website. There's a lot of functionalities that are perfect for teachers, and all the stats and grades are incredibly automated. It gives a clear idea of what we need to keep working on, and there's no more manual grading to do. With all the prep work we, as teachers, need to do for remote classes, this tool is gold.


With all these features for grading and students’ performances, I'm a happy teacher, and I know exactly what my students have achieved best. The students are also happy, because they love online tests, and they get to see their grades as soon as they complete them. No more waiting for the teacher to grade the papers.

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